Big Bang is a one hour show displayed on and in front of the the Centre facade of the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. It consists of light show, projections, animations from Second Life , live performances, film fragments and 250 Polish amateur and professional dancers.

"Big Bang is an exploration of basic questions about the creation of the universe, about "why there is something?". It is a search of Susa Bubble  - an animated Second-life character - to answer the questions: Why are we here? What is it all about? Where are we going? But what puzzles her most is: Why is there something? Why is there not nothing? To find an answer these questions we haven chosen seven world mythic accounts of creation. Mythologies from China, New Zealand, Mayan, African ,Greek and Israel. We end with our most recent “myth”: The Big Bang. These myths are represented by the animation of Second life and Real life footage, light show, live performance, and film fragments. We tell the stories contained in these myths, and show the contradictions in these myths. The answer is not in the stories, but we should celebrate the fact “that there is something" - according to Saskia Boddeke.

November, 5 2010 Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw


Concept, direction and production designer
Saskia Boddeke

Concept and libretto
Peter Greenaway

Project manager NL
Annette Mosk

Dionys Breukers

Video designer and programming
Rembrandt Mike Evers

Light designer
Jan Holoubek

Directeur Of Photography
Ruzbeh Babol

Costume design
Marrit van der Burgt

Hair and make up design
Sara Meerman

Special effects
Screen service, Wiliam Pennings

Content elaboration

Elmer Leupen

Assistant to editor
Irma de Vries

Picture researcher
Willemien Ruys

Second life animations       

Production designer
Rob Parry

BobE Schism
Heidi Foster aka Toxic Menges
Mescaline Tammas
Saskia Boddeke aka Rose Borchovski           

Landscape designer
BobE Schism
Bryn Oh
Heidi Foster aka Toxic Menges
Mescaline Tammas
Saskia Boddeke aka Rose Borchovski
soror Nishi           

Artwork designer
Elif Ayiter , Alpha Tribe
four Yip
Kriss Lehmann
Madcow Cosmos
Oriolus Oliva
Sand Castle Studios LLC
Steff Ling
Werner van der Meersch aka Werner Kurosawa
Amael Juran

Special thanks to
Katje Juwell
Linden Lab
Catherine Smith
Cutea Benelli           

Luciano Romano
Oscar Wagenmans
Maria de Graca Cabral Olliviera de Andrade


Rikke Mechlenborg
Hendrik Aerts
Elisabeth Lambeck
Fleur van Zonneveld
Ricardo dos Santos Araujo
Gwenn Langenberg
Raoul Dumas