Are you an Isaac or an Ishmael? Please join us! / by Luperpedia Foundation

Project by:Saskia Boddeke & Peter Greenaway
Are you an Isaac or an Ishmael?
Please join us!
We are creating an Art Installation for the Jewish Museum in Berlin about the Sacrifice of Isaac/ Ishmael.
For this project we are looking for young adults and teenagers to join in to be part of this installation.

Do you feel you are an Isaac or an Ishmael? 
That you have the right to be protected!
That you deserve a future in a world without wars!
Please send us your video clip.

We would like to assemble as many as possible different languages, use your own language: German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Danish, Arabic, etc 

- A video in landscape format, use your mobile phone, I pad or any other device.
- Make sure that your face is not too dark.
- Make sure that it’s not too noisy around you.
- Look straight into camera for about 10 seconds, without speaking.
- Then you speak straight into camera:
“I’m Isaac” or “I’m Ishmael” 
(in your own language).
- Wait another 10 seconds and give us your best smile.

Please send your clip to:

File too big? 
(for free)

By sending in your video clip you give us the 
permission to use it for this art installation.

Thank you
Saskia Boddeke & Peter Greenaway