Giovanna d'Arco by Saskia Boddeke nominated by International Opera Awards / by Luperpedia Foundation

Giovanna d'Arco by Saskia Boddeke

Saskia Boddeke has been nominated as a finalist for her production of Verdi’s Giovanna d'Arco in the 2016 Verdi Festival of Parma, Italy.  This award presented by the International Opera Awards Committee is considered to be the most prestigious award in the opera world. Her performance of the two-hour opera of the story of Joan of Arc, revitalizing the traditional opera languages with modern technology and the digital visual revolution was presented in the huge baroque wooden theatre built for the Farnese family in 1618. It offers a drama of late mediaeval religious persecution made relevant to today’s suffering from religious intolerance and fanaticism.

Photo Igor Mandic 2016 Parma