Body PARTS - Saskia Boddeke & Peter Greenaway



an investigation of the human Body.

EXHIBITION of paintings, drawings and texts by Peter Greenaway,
curation and video direction by Saskia Boddeke.

“Body Parts” is an image and text investigation of the human body.
The exhibition consists of some ninety paintings and drawings with several projections and is accompanied by texts, being a subjective view of part of Greenaway’s image and text creativity. Content-wise they are of listings of individual body parts, moving to considerations of groupings relative to family trees, collective groups, single and group portraits, depictions of film and theatre casts, audiences, double portraits and heraldic dynasties.
The paintings’ characteristics consist of images made with Greenaway-customised stencils and templates and a persistent suggestion of deliberate artificial wear and erosion.
The paintings and drawings made over the last ten years, are of acrylic on board with occasional collage elements.

The centre piece on the large altar-wall of the church will be a short film which will be continuously looped, created by Saskia Boddeke. The main theme of this film is Peter’s face, reading “The Greenaway Alphabet”, a series of short stories that have various relevances to his activity as an artist and observer of the human body and mortal condition. A series of Peter’s drawings will be video-mapped on to Peter’s face as he reads the stories. Next to this centre video there will be two smaller set ups of video projection and a sound scape.

Artworks: Peter Greenaway
Curation and video direction: Saskia Boddeke
Sound Track: Luca D’Alberto
Video edit: Elmer Leupen
Production: Annette Mosk
Production paintings: Lys Bouma
Framer: Job&Kim Niekel- Quick Lijsten
Photography: Boudewijn Smit
Camera: Ruzbeh Babol
Camera assistent: Jan Kees Dibbets
Sound: Gaby de haan


Sala Verónicas, Murcia

17 February, 2017
Instituto de Las Industrias Culturales y de Las
Artes de la Region de Murcia
Sala Veronica
Calle Veronicas 4
30004 Murcia (España)