Chtchoukine, Matisse, La Danse et la Musique by Saskia Boddeke & Peter Greenaway

In 2016 Saskia Boddeke and Peter Greenaway have been invited by the Louis Vuitton Foundation Paris to contribute with a video installation to the exhibition: Icons of Modern Art. The Shchukin Collection. This exhibition with masterpieces of Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Matisse amongst others, paid tribute to one of the greatest art patrons of the early 20th century, Sergei Shchukin, the visionary Russian collector of modern art.

Boddeke created a poetic multi-screen video installation inspired by the two paintings: La Danse and La Musique of Henri Matisse. The installation is a visual poem that tells about these two paintings, the relationship between the painter Henri Matisse and the collector Sergei Shchukin and the timeframe they lived in.
Boddeke has created an atmosphere of balance and harmony with actors, animation and dance. The music is composed by the Italian composer Luca D’Alberto and reflects the sound of the painting Music. The dance by the Spanish choreographer Juanjo Arqués is performed by dancers of The Dutch National Ballet.

Icônes de l'art Moderne. La Collection Chtchoukine.
Curated by Anne Baldassari

21 October 2016 - 20 February 2017
Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris

In 2018 Saskia was invited by Art Exhibitions Australia, to contribute with the installation Chtchoukine, Matisse, la Danse et la Musique to the exhibition Masters of Modern Art from the Hermitage for Art Gallery New South Wales in Sydney.

Masters of Modern Art from the Hermitage
13 October 2018 - 3 March 2019
Art Gallery NSW, Sydney, Australia

Credits Chtchoukine, Matisse, La danse et la musique by Saskia Boddeke & Peter greenaway

Direction by Saskia Boddeke
Script by Peter Greenaway

Music: Luca D’Alberto
Mezzo soprano: Giorgia Cinciripi
Choreography: Juanjo Arques
Video Edit: Elmer Leupen
Sound edit: Danny Weijermans
Calligraphy: Brody Neuenschwander
Second life animation: Nessuno Myoo
Picture research: Willemien Ruys

Film shoot:
Director of Photography: Ruzbeh Babol
First assistant director: Sara Thaiz Bozano
Costume design La Dance, la Musique: Cornelia Doornekamp
Costume design Actors: Willemien Ruys
Costume manufacturing: Margriet Winkelmolen
Make up design: Bart Brom
Make up assistant: Judith Dorman

Shchukin: Hendrik Aerts
Matisse: Dries Vanhegen
Violin player: Luca D’Alberto
Dancers Dutch National ballet: Clemens Froehlich, Bruno Da Rocha Pereira, Laura Rosillo, Tess Sturman, Clotilde Tran-Phat

Singer: Hilde Cortese
Fluit player: Nico Graat

Russian avant garde actors:
Wassily Kandinsky: Hendrik Aerts
Vera Ermolaeva: Alisa Dmitrieva
Lyubov Popova: Anastasiya Klyueva
Pavel Filonov: Alexander Pacevich
Kazimir Malevich: Oleg Filipchik
Vladimir Mayakovsky: Pavel Popov
Lily Brik: Anna Shepeleva
Sergej Eisenstein: Anton Shurtsov
Lazar Lissitzky: Vsevolod Yashkin
Vladimir Tatlin: Maksim Vinogradov
Aleksandr Rodtchenko: Grigory Bagrov

Production management by Luperpedia Foundation:
Production: Annette Mosk
Public relations: Lys Bouma
Intern: Florian de Rijk

Special thanks to:
Dutch National Ballet, Amsterdam
Linden Endowment for the Arts
Héritiers Matisse