Live Cinema by Peter Greenaway

From 2002 until 2005 an ambitious project called The Tulse Luper Suitcases was planned and manufactured that hoped to be a project for the Information Age – being a project of cinema, television, websites, theatre, installation-exhibitions, the internet and a library of 92 books. Although finances and energies ran out of steam long before the project could be completed, much was achieved. Two of the successful manifestations were a video game The Tulse Luper Suitcases, and a VJ show – a Video-Jockey show - where aspects of the original 360 hours of cinema film were reconfigured to be presented “live” as cinematic-loops with the aid of touch screens and many projection outlets. The largest number of cinematic-loops presented was 2000 and the largest number of screens was 10. The show was presented all over the world in some 50 venues in Holland and Belgium and the UK to Italy, France, Greece, Poland, Romania and Brazil and Chile.

Please contact Luperpedia Foundation if you are interested in Live Cinema.

Performances in 2006:

Jan: Amsterdam Club Eleven, Amsterdam, Holland

Feb: State Theatre Amsterdam, Holland

Feb: Holland MTV  Centre, Amsterdam.Holland

Feb: Petrol Center, Antwerp, Belgium

Mar: Eindhoven  Techno Festival, Eindhoven, Holland

Mar: Zemos 98 Festival, Seville, Spain

May: Videoex Festival, Zurich, Switzerland

May: Hangar Bicocca, Pirelli Building, Milan, Italy

July: Gdynia/Gdansk Music Festival, Poland,


Tulse Luper VJ