“I vastly enjoy making catalogues – a form of cinema-making – image and text in book-form. The entire book is the film, the pages are the frames, titles at the front, credits at the end, schedules of progression and sequence throughout. The flicking over of the pages is the film flicking through the projection-gate.  And for the most part, for me, the images are seen against black – the darkness of cinemas.

Not remotely thinking that there could be a series, the first catalogue was manufactured for a Rotterdam Museum Exhibition called The Physical Self.

Then, making the three films of The Tulse Luper Suitcases around 2002 to 2005 - as a tentative all-time encyclopedia in content and all-media-form – film, theatre, television, exhibition, installation, website and library, held together by the dominance of the number 92(the atomic number of uranium - the origin of nuclear power) the desire to make exactly 92 text-image catalogues came into being.

Each catalogue was to be the permanent memory of an exhibition, film or installation. From 2005 the ambition became regulated to making uniform catalogues, each with 92 pages and a regular form of a certain width and height, though the bindings, page layouts, texts and image presentation within this structure could be different and various. This need for regularity meant finding a number identity for all the back catalogues, and the official numbering (on the back or the inside back cover of each catalogue) starts at catalogue number 20. By 2015 there were 31 catalogues, with 61 to go. Ambitiously we press on.”

Number 01 THE PHYSICAL SELF, 94 pages, 906918088X. Boymans-van-Beuingen Museum, Rotterdam, 1992

Number 02 FLYING OUT OF THIS WORLD,206 pages, 978-0226306377. Louvre Parti-Pris Exhibition of Drawings, Paris, 1992.

Number 03 100 OBJECTS TO REPRESENT THE WORLD, 978-3775703871. 100 Objects to Represent the World Exhibition, Vienna Hoffburg, 1993

Number 04 WATCHING WATER, 97 pages, 978-8843545506. Exhibition at the Palazzo Fortuny. Electa, Milan,1993

Number 05 SOME ORGANISING PRINCIPLES, 978-0903189514. Glynn Vivian Art Gallery Exhibition, (Welsh & English)Swansea, South Wales, 1993.

Number 06 THE AUDIENCE OF MACON, 48 pages, 978-1872771090. Exhibition of Film-Stills Portraits, Cardiff, Wales, 1993

Number 07 THE STAIRS GENEVA: Part 1 Exhibition of Film Language: Locations, 228 pages,
978-1858940106. (French & English) Merrell Holberton, London, 1994.

Number 08 PROSPERO’S BOOKS IN PICTURES, Tokyo, 1994.

Number 09 THE STAIRS MUNICH 1: PROJECTION FRAMES. Exhibition of Film Language: Projection. Curated Elisabeth Schweeger Merrell Holberton London, 1995

Number 10 THE STAIRS MUNICH 2: 100 PROJECTIONS, 144 pages, 978-1858940229. Exhibition of Film Language: Projection. Curated by Elisabeth Schweeger Merrell Holberton, London, 1995

Number 11 100 OBJECTS TO REPRESENT THE WORLD, 978-9111204668. Change Performing Arts, Milan 1997

Number 12 100 OBJETONS, Rio de Janeiro, 1998

Number 13 FLYING OVER WATER IN SPAIN, 112 pages, 978-1858940335. Exhibition Curated by Rosa Maria Malet. Miro Foundation Exhibition, Barcelona, 2001

Number 14 TULSE LUPER IN TURIN, 128 pages, 978-8890199608. Domenico Gaetano. Volumina Productions, Turin 2002

Number 15 FLYING OVER WATER IN SWEDEN, 119 pages, 978-9177040910. Exhibition Curated by Bera Nodel. Malmo Konstall, Malmo 2003

Number 16 FORT ASPEREN ARK Exhibition of Noah’s Flood, 92 pages, 978-9086900145. Idea Books, Amsterdam, 2005

Number 17 CHILDREN OF URANIUM Theatre Catalogue, 120 pages, 978-8881586097. Change Performing Arts,  Milan Charta, 2006

Number 18 SEX & DEATH IN ZWOLLE Street Installation/Exhibition, 92 pages. Verijssel, Zwolle, 2008

Number 19 NIGHTWATCHING - REMBRANDT’SJ’ACCUSE Projection Event.Idea Books, Amsterdam, 2006

Number 20 LEONARDO’S LAST SUPPER Projection Event Change Performing Arts, 160 pages, 978-8881586912. Charta, Milan, 2008

Number 21 THE WEDDING AT CANA Projection Event, 92 pages, 978-8881587575. Change Performing Arts, Charta, Milan, 2010

Number 22 THE TULSE LUPER SUITCASES A Book of Drawings, 92 pages, 978-8881588145. Arminio Sciolli Locarno Rivellino/CPA, Milan, 2010

Number 23 AN ALPHABETICAL GREENAWAY Academy of Fine Arts, 90 pages, 978-8392969792. Gdansk, 2010

Number 24 ITALY OF THE CITIES: SHANGHAI EXPO Projection, 340 pages, 978-8857208855. Event Change Performing Arts, Milan.  Skira Publications 2011

Number 25 HEAVY WATER Catalogue for an Exhibition. Change Performing Arts, Milan/Tel Aviv 2011

Number 26 GOLTZIUS & THE PELICAN COMPANY Moscu Copel, 92 pages, 978-9736683527. Ibu Publishing, Romania 2013

Number 27The Dance of Death, Matthias BuschleVerein Totentanz, 92 pages 3856166343 Christoph Merian Verlag 2013

Number 28 The Towers: Lucca Hubris, 88 pages, 978-8836629268 Change Performing Arts, Milan 2014

Number 29 I AM ISAAC 2015 Exhibition Gehorsom/ Obedience, 978-3735600677. An exhibition by Saskia Boddeke and Peter Greenaway, Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Kerber Verlag 2015 

Number 30 EISENSTEIN AZTEC GHOSTS Arminio Sciolli. Locarno Rivellino 2015

Number 31 THE CITIES OF THE PLAIN Arminio Sciolli. Locarno Rivellino 2015

Scripts & Fictions

Joseph, 128 pages, 978-2-914563-89-5. Dis Voir, Paris 2016

The OK Doll, 72 pages,978-2914563703.Dis Voir, Paris 2014

The Food of Love, 64 pages, 978-2914563697. Dis Voir, Paris 2014

Eisenstein in Guanajuato - Script, 83 pages, 978-2914563710 Dis Voir, Paris 2015

Nightwachting/ La Ronde de Nuit - script, 38 pages, 2-914-563-24-8 Dis Voir, Paris 2006

Writing to Vermeer, 87 pages, 9050821138. De Nederlanse Opera, Amsterdam 2004

Luper at Compton Verney, 136 pages,0-9546545-4-4. Compton Verney, Warwickshire 2004

The Draughtsman Contract - Script, 128 pages, 978-2906571716 Dis Voir, Paris 2003 OUT OF STOCK

Gold. 92 bars in a crashed car - Script, 240 pages, 978-2914563167. Dis Voir, Paris 2002

8,5 women / huit femmes et demie - script, 128 pages, 978-2906571830. Dis Voir Paris 1999

A Zed and Two Noughts -script, 128 pages, 978-2906571695. Dis Voir, Paris 1998

Drowning by Numbers - script 128 pages 978-2906571709. Dis Voir, Paris 1998

The Belly of an Architect - script, 128 pages, 978-2906571687. Dis Voir, Paris 1998

Christopher Kolumbus - Script, 106 pages,no isbn. Staatsoper Unter den Linden. Berlin 1998 OUT OF STOCK

The Pillow Book - script, 128 pages, 978-2906571474. Dis Voir, Paris 1996

The Baby of Mâcon, 128 pages, 978-2906571350. Dis Voir, Paris 1994

The Falls -Script, 128 pages, 978-2906571327. Dis Voir, Paris 1993

Rosa, 118 pages, 978-2906571303. Dis Voir, Paris 1993

Watching Water, 98 pages, 978-8843545506. Electa Editions 1993

Papers, 128 pages, 978-2906571204. Dis Voir, Paris 1991

Prospero's Books: A Film of the Shakespeare's The Tempest, 168 pages, 978-0941423601. Four Walls Eight Windows, 1991

Prospero's Books, 168 pages, 978-0701137595. Chatto & Windus, London 1991

The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover/ Le Cuisinier, le Voleur, sa femme et son Amant, 128 pages, 978-290657113X. Dis Voir, Paris 1989

Fear of Drowning by Numbers, 154 pages, 2906571075. Dis Voir, Paris 1988

Drowning by numbers, 128 pages 2-906-571-70-9. Dis Voir, Paris 1988


"The Historians is an ambitious one hundred-part literary project started in 2000 to celebrate the start of the millenium – one hundred books of history to set forth the idea that “There is no such thing as History, there are only Historians”.

To quote from the blurb of the first published book – Volume 39. The Rise and Fall of Gestures Drama:

“Among the arbiters of this grand history, conceived “lest we should forget,” written to encourage the desire and necessity for vigorous continuity, are a large and motley collection of historians, all with vested special interests, all determined to stave off forgetfulness and mortality. Among the tiles of the 100 books in the series are histories of toys, games, cripples, towers, conceptions, diseases, maps, tics, red hats, adulteries, journeys to see the sea, languages, names, gardens, acts of violence, pricks, griefs and ghosts.It may be that items and events that have already occurred in the history of the world as we know it in the last eight thousand years, might be perceived and recognised, though seeminlgy distorted, re-imagined, viewed through a mirror or a mist, indeed entirely reset with different outcomes; and it might be that among the historians themselves, we might recognise a fictionalised Carlo Ginsberg, a Macaulay, a Carlyle and a Gibbon or a Raleigh, if not perhaps a Tacitus or a Livy.If it was necessaery to summon with a very quick resume, this ambitious project, it might be profitable simply to say here indeed is copious evidence, if we should need it, to repeat that “there is no such thing as history, there are only historians” and even to repeat that well-known saying that, “History is only a branch of Literature”.

The progress is painstaking and every one of the planned 100 historieshas been started and in many cases are far advanced. One - Volume 39. The Rise and Fall of Gestures Drama was published in English and French in 2007.

The Historians Book 39: The Rise & Fall of Gestures Drama, 96 pages, 9782914563314. Dis Voir, Paris 2007

Almost ready for publication are:

Volume 00. Conceptions.

Volume 04. Toys

Volume 76. Clouds

Volume 95. All Those Already Dead.

All volumes of the Historians are published by DisVoir of Paris

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Peter Greenaway Une Provocation Raffinée. Cinematheque de Nice 2009 Out of Stock

Roundtrip with Suitcase (Italian and English).Faffaele Scolari il rivellino ldv Locarno 2011


Still Available: Obedience / Gehorsam

Still Available: Obedience / Gehorsam