Saskia Boddeke, alias Rose Borchovski, creates art on the online platform Second Life. Second Life is an online virtual world you can explore with your own avatar at Saskia Boddeke uses the extended possibilities of Second Life in various ways. She is a unique artist within Second Life who started to connect Second Life art works to real life installations and exhibitions and vice versa. She used, for example, 3D environments s and animations created in Second Life for different projects. The opening of the science museum in Warsaw with an inauguration projection show: The Big Bang, Why is there something, why is there not nothing?- on the front facade of the building, involved Second Life as the main source for projection with live performance with the involvement of 250 inhabitants of Warsaw.

For the installation The Russian Avant Garde a big part of the projected content was created inside Second Life. Saskia collaborated for this project with several Second Life artists and next to the exhibition in the Manezh in Moscow, there was also the possibility to visit an online installation about the Russian Avant Garde on the Second Life Grid.

Obedience / Gehorsam in Berlin consist of an exhibition in real life and an installation in Second Life. The online installation was created by Bryn Oh and Jo Ellsmere with the support of LEA.

As a professional artist Saskia uses the unique possibilities of Second Life as virtual studio and designs and creates installations in this virtual world before starting to work in real life.

Please note:
You should pay attention on arrival to the information posters regarding how to set your settings to maximise the immersive experience.

You can still visit online:

Obedience at LEA 1

This is a hybrid art exhibition showing both at the Jüdisches Museum in Berlin as well as in the virtual environment of Second Life. It will run until September 13th 2015 in both our virtual world and at the Museum.

Saskia Boddeke works in Second life

The Inevitability of Fate at Two Fish - 

In this art installation you'll venture to an emotional and immersive art-landscape about the story of Angry Beth and the child Lot during a war.

Lot turned eight, the sun did shine and all were happy.
But then the war came and all did change.
A Harsh hand ruled the world of Beth and Lot

They were forced to leave.
They were separated from each other.
They were made the enemy.

The war was bitter and long.

After the war Beth returned.
The child Lot had disappeared:
No one knew where she went.

Beth keeps searching for Lot.
On good days, Beth is able to imagine Lot
Is flying like a bird
With her face towards the sky,
Searching for the stars.

On bad days, Beth can only be angry about her loss.
Beth’s wounds will never heal.


Echoes in the Garden at Two Fish too

Echoes in the Garden is an interactive installation by Rose Borchovski on the "Susa Bubble" story.

I hear echoes in the garden.
Is anybody listening?
I hear lost echoes in the garden!
Is anybody listening?
And they whisper: “The ones who are only living, are the ones who are only dying.”

The Arrival

Rose Borchovski's work The Arrival is a continuation of her Susa saga, in which these mischievous and sometimes malevolent childlike beings find themselves in another spiritual and philosophical quandary, brought on by the simple act of catching a fish.

Saskia Boddeke / Rose Borchovski in the press

“This is quite a coup for virtual world art and a great example of how virtual worlds are far more than merely platforms for people to chat or play games, there’s something very immersive and very exciting about a concept such as this. We also get to see how creative Second Life can be as a platform for not only displaying art, but also for storytelling via a 3d environment” .
(Art Practice in Collaborative Virtual Environments, Catarine Carneiro de Sousa and Luis Eustaquio 2015).