wash and travel by saskia boddeke & peter greenaway

For Lille 2004, Wash & Travel has been developed as a theatrical installation with a performance directed by Saskia Boddeke, taking as a starting point Peter Greenaway's script of The Tulse Luper suitcase. 

"It may be that the suitcase is an ideal metaphor for our times. As never before, people are on the move. ..Carry your world and your possessions with you. Just about as much as you can carry whilst walking. Not just a clean shirt and a new toothbrush and a change but all the information of identity - memories, hopes, anxieties, guilt, foretaste of intention, ambition, wish-fulfillment."

The theatrical installation at Lille is part of an intensive examination of Tulse Luper that will continue in many different ways under the project-title of the Tulse Luper Suitcases.

Credits Wash and Travel