Message in a Bottle

The Message in a Bottle, a new chapter of the Sex & The Sea installation, is inspired by the Markus letters: 93 letters from around 1915-1916 written by Finnish girls to the Estonian sailor Markus. The Letters are about love, longing, despair and disappointments, hellos and goodbyes and thousands of kisses.

Markus is to the girls, a window through which they can see and sense a small part of a distant world full of adventures and new horizons which are hidden and out of reach for them. These letters represent the waiting woman tied to home being afraid that the war will also soon come to Finland.

Lost Messages

The installation contains 2500 filled bottles categorized in themes: Messages to loved ones or to the ones who are lost, messages tied together with red or with yellow ribbons, empty bottles who lost their message, messages with a white or a green feather, a red rose, a white flower, a toy. Messages from children, messages to children, messages to remember or to forget, messages in brown bottles, in green small bottles, broken messages……….

Bottle with Memory 5

Bottle with toy 3

Multimedia installation by Saskia Boddeke

Message in a Bottle: The war will surely soon come to Finland ...

LENNUSADAM - Seaplane Harbour
08.03.2019 – 19.01.2020 Tallinn- Estonia

Message in the Bottle is a new part of Sex & The sea

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