Saskia Boddeke

Saskia Boddeke, born in Castricum, is an innovative Dutch multimedia artist and director. From 1986, after finishing her education as director in Amsterdam, Saskia Boddeke worked at the Netherlands Opera on many opera productions with artists like Dario Fo, Peter Stein and Pierre Audi. She started as an assistant director and developed towards directing her own operas like Rosa, a horse opera and the very successful Writing to Vermeer.

Over the last 25 years she developed a language embracing the use of multiple screen projections, sophisticated computer programming and visual phenomenon like Second Life. Saskia Boddeke connects animated audio-visual avatars with live actors within a stage presence which combines the physical with the electronic. Her multimedia installations and performances are shown around the world, from New York to Adelaide. Saskia’s installations are immersive experiences, she surrounds the visitors with projections, sounds, light, smells and art objects, like Obedience in 2015 an installation in 15 rooms at the Jewish Museum of Berlin and the opera Giovanna d'Arco in 2016 at the Teatro Farnese at the Verdi Festival of Parma. This opera was nominated as best new production by the International Opera Award.For the Spoleto festival 2017, Saskia created H is for Horse, a site specific immersive installation.   

Saskia - alias Rose Borchovski - is also a well-known artist at Second Life where she created several art installations. The Second Life installations can be visited online at The Second Life Grid and at the Aire Mille Flux art-grid. These installations were shown at the Madrid Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo of 2010 and at The Digital Art Exhibition in Spain of 2014. The online installations: The Inevitability of Fate and Echoes in the Garden, received more than 300.000 visitors.

In 2015 Saskia was awarded with the Russian TANR award - as best exhibition of 2014 - for her exhibition in Moscow: The Black Square, The golden Age of the Russian Avant-garde, a multimedia installation. In 2016 Saskia contributed with her installation Chtchoukine, Matisse, la Danse et la Musique to the Icônes de l'art Moderne. La Collection Chtchoukine exhibition at de Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. The exhibition was very successful with over 1.2 million visitors. For the Spoleto Festival 2017, Saskia created H is for Horse, a site specific immersive installation about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse facing a little creature called Hope.

Saskia Boddeke Installations/ Exhibitions 

  • 2018  Chtchoukine, Matisse, la Danse et la Musique. Concept, design and direction by Saskia Boddeke. Script by Peter Greenaway. This installation is part of ‘Masters of Modern Art from the Hermitage’, Art Gallery New South Wales, Sydney.

  • 2018  Sex & the Sea at Maritime museum of Finland, Kotka, Finland.

    Concept and design by Saskia Boddeke. Open from 15 June 2018- 20 January 2019.

  • 2017 H is for Horse. Concept,installation & video, Spoleto festival.

  • 2017 Body Parts.Concept,Installation & video by Saskia Boddeke, paintings by Peter Greenaway. Februari- April, Sala Veronicas Murcia, Spain.

  • 2016 Chtchoukine, Matisse, la Danse et la Musique. Concept and design by Saskia Boddeke. Script by Peter Greenaway. This installation is part of Icônes de l'art Moderne. La Collection Chtchoukine. Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris. October 2016 to February 2017

  • 2016-2017 Sex & the Sea, at the Maritime Museum Helsingor, Denmark. Concept & design by Saskia Boddeke. Opened from September 9 till August 13 2017.In 2015 the exhibition Sex & the Sea showed at the Maritime Museum Stockholm. Concept & design by Saskia Boddeke. Opened from April 10 till April 6 2016

  • 2015 Gehorsam / Obedience, a multimedia installation concerning 'the Sacrifice of Isaac' seen from different religious view-points in 15 rooms of the Jewish Museum Berlin. Concept & Design by Saskia Boddeke

  • 2014 The Wife of a Diplomat, Margaretha Turnor, Castle Amerongen

  • 2014 The Black Square, The Golden Age of Russian Avant-Garde, Moscow By Saskia Boddeke and Peter Greenaway. The installation has received the prestigious Tanr Price Best Exhibition 2014, the annual award of The Art Newspaper Russia

  • 2013 Sex & The Sea, Maritiem Museum Rotterdam. By Saskia Boddeke & Peter Greenaway

  • 2011 A Day in the life of a Castle, a multimedia installation containing 22 screens spread over 12 rooms at Castle Amsterongen in the Netherlands. Castle Amerongen. Libretto by Peter Greenaway.

  • 2005 Democracy. Performance/ Installation Athens

  • 2005 The Children of Uranium, a multimedia installation with live actors and film; The Museum of Modern Art at Genoa and The New Media Museum at Naples

  • 2004 Wash & Travel, a multimedia installation with live performance at the Eglise Sainte-Marie Madeleine Lille, Lille Cultural Capital Festival

Saskia boddeke Opera and music theatre performances

  • 2016 Giovanna d'Arco, opera at the Teatro Farnese. Opening performance of the Verdi Festival at Parma.The opera was nominated as best new production by the International Opera Awards.

  • 2010 The Big Bang, the inauguration show of the Copernicus Museum of Science in Warsaw, consisting of a projection-show on the exterior of the museum with life performance of music and dance including group participation of 250 Warsaw inhabitants

  • 2008 The Blue Planet, directed by Saskia Boddeke music by Goran Bregovic, libretto Peter Greenaway and Saskia Boddeke. The Production was originally created as the closure performance of the expo in Spain at Zaragoza. The production travelled around Europe and China.

  • 2008 Rembrandt’s Spiegel, a multimedia music performance, directed by Saskia Boddeke, music by Vincent van Warmerdam and libretto by Peter Greenaway (Productiehuis Rotterdam. Toured around the Netherlands and to Budapest.

  • 2005 The Falls, an installation-music theatre with the students of AERTEZ, directed by Saskia Boddeke, music inspired by David Lang, from the collection of short biographies from The Falls by Peter Greenaway at the Broerenkerk Zwolle

  • 2005 M is for Medicine 2, directed by Saskia Boddeke. A multimedia performance at VU medical Center Amsterdam

  • 2003 Die Zauberflöte, Mozart, in co-direction with Pierre Audi, Salzburger Festspiele, Salzburg

  • 2001 Gold, 92 Bars in a Crashed Car, directed by Saskia Boddeke, music by Borut Krisnik, libretto by Peter Greenaway at Schauspiel Frankfurt

  • 2000 Writing To Vermeer, directed by Saskia Boddeke, music by Louis Andriessen, libretto by Peter Greenaway. Premiered at the DNO in Amsterdam. Travelled to Adelaide Festival in Australia and New York Lincoln Festival, the production was revived at the Amsterdam Muziektheater in 2003

  • 2000 La Gazzetta, directed by Saskia Boddeke, music by Rossini at the Summerborn Opera Festival, Zwolle.

  • 1998 Christophe Colomb, directed by Saskia Boddeke, music by Darius Milhaud, libretto by Peter Greenaway. Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin

  • 1997 & 1999 100 Objects to represent the World, premiered at the Salzburger Zeitfluss Festival. The show toured around Europe and South America. Directey by Saskia Boddeke music by Jean-Baptiste Barriere, libretto by Peter Greenaway.

  • 1995 Vleugellam, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

  • 1995 De Wolven van Charkof, Amsterdam

  • 1994 & 1996 The Death of a Composer - Rosa, a Horse Drama, DNO Amsterdam. Directed by Saskia Boddeke, music by Louis Andriessen, libretto by Peter Greenaway.

  • 1993 Turn of The Tide, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

  • 1992 Vals Akkoord, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

Saskia boddeke Films

  • 2018 Giovanna d’Arco, direction Saskia Boddeke. Opera, 127 mins.

  • 2017 The Greenaway Alphabet, direction Saskia Boddeke. Documentary, 68 mins.

    The documentary won two awards at the Tirana International Film Festival  (TIFF 2018): best documentary and best documentary feature.

    Over 35 international screenings. Among others:

    Official selection at: IDFA (Amsterdam),  SIFF (Seattle), GIFF (Geneva), Raindance (London), DOC NYC (New York), Biografilm (Bologna), Valetta FF (Malta).

    Premiered in competition at TIFF (Tirana, Albania), Camerimage (Torun, Poland)

  • 2017 Down the Volga, A River Movie

  • 2015 The Sex & the Sea film, part of the travelling Blue Angel Project Performance of Big Hart in Australia

  • 1996 Rosa, a Horse drama, direction Saskia Boddeke & Peter Greenaway, music by Louis Andriessen

Saskia boddeke/ Rose Borchovski ANIMATIONS IN SECOND LIFE

saskia Boddeke VJ show

  • 2007: ‘The Survivor of Warsaw’ by Arnold Schönberg, with Zubin Mehta and Charlotte Rampling at the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. A triple screen live projection show featuring the survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto.